Organic Cotton

Good for the environment...
Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and isn't exposed to chemicals after it has been harvested. Our cotton is certified organic which means this has been checked and approved. Conventional cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides which contaminate our air, soil and water. Whilst cotton accounts for only 3% of the global farming it uses over 25% of the world's pesticides, so choosing organic cotton helps to reduce this.

Good for the farmers...
Our cotton is sourced from farmers in Southern India who are paid a fair trade price for their cotton. Because the production of organic cotton can be more labour intensive, it tends to be more expensive than regular cotton. We believe the price is well worth the satisfaction of knowing that organic cotton is the most eco friendly choice.

Good for you !
To top it off, organic cotton feels softer and lasts longer. Our organic cotton t-shirts are wonderfully soft to touch and wear. Because they are not treated with harsh chemicals which can wear down their fibres they are more durable too.