About Us

At Planet Boab our passion is creating t-shirts people love to wear and the planet is happy to provide.

All of our shirts are made from 100% certified organic cotton which is grown in India without pesticides using around 50% less water in its production.

The t-shirts are made here in Australia in a sweatshop free factory in Sydney. We handprint each tee with a colourful range of eco friendly water based inks and then heat-cure the print to ensure a good colour-fast finish.

We try to consider the planet as we go about our business -

- We take care to be energy efficient and offset our remaining carbon emissions through annual investment in renewable energy with Climate Friendly 

- Our paper and packaging is either 100% post consumer recycled waste or biodegradable

- We choose energy considerate suppliers - our web hosts at Digital Pacific are carbon neutral, we use cardboard Green Hangers.

- We are proud to invest 10% of profits from each t-shirt sold into supporting small business in other countries through our expanding portfolio of Kiva microcredit loans.


 The Boab Tree

We are named after the boab tree, native to the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

It is one of eight species of the baobab family, the rest of which have their roots in African and Madagascan soil. We suspect that a long time ago an adventurous seed pod made the perilous journey across the Indian ocean to our north western shores where it took root and flourished.

Boabs and baobabs seem to attract stories and legends to them; they are known to readers of the whimsical French children’s fable ‘The Little Prince’ on whose planet they grew; Aboriginal women of the Kimberley would place their newborn babies onto boab blossom to give them the best possible start in life; and boab is still used as a bush flower essence by herbalists to support the birth of new ideas and adventures...