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As a business we make t-shirts.  Gorgeous organic cotton tee’s, that one would wear to a BBQ, a day out with friends or to the pub. Probably not to the Opera. If you have bought one of our organic cotton t’shirts, hopefully you will know how soft they feel and how the bright colours last over time. Planet Boab does this ethically, and if we can’t do it ethically then we won’t do it. Being fair, sustainable, ethical in creating our products is the purpose of our business.

 We source raw certified organic cotton and certified organic cotton yarns from India & Turkey. All our fabrics are made in Australia. Certified organic cotton is farmed without the use of pesticides, genetically modified seed or synthetic fertilisers. Good for the environment - tick


Planet Boab’s suppliers all conform to Fairtrade practises, giving farmers a decent price for their cotton. This is not some abstract certification scheme, or marketing greenwash, it genuinely improves the lives of cotton famers in India and Turkey. Good for people - tick.

Did you know that organic cotton fibres are more durable than those of conventional cotton? When we buy clothes that are made to last, we are saying no to ‘fast fashion’. We are letting manufacturers know that we expect our clothes to last more than just a few years. T-shirts that are made overseas and don’t cost as much, are generally poor quality which means that we will discard them too soon, adding more to our landfills. Good for the future - tick.

So you see, putting on our t-shirts is acknowledging a family struggling in India matters and you have contributed to their improvement, cared about those polar bears we see on tiny ice floes and are helping to end injustice and exploitation of workers. Principles don’t need to be lofty, to be real and practical. A simple as an act of choosing what clothing to wear, and what not, is something we can all do. It is why we provide T-shirts that are ethically made.


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