Are you accidentally investing in climate change ?

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You might recycle, buy organic veggies (and the occasional organic t-shirt) and maybe you've even invested in some solar panels or a rainwater tank but have you ever thought seriously about your super ? Turns out most super funds have high exposure to fossil fuel companies, so we might be investing in climate change without even knowing it. Environmentally damaging sure, but it also could be financially risky as a report by the The Australia Institute has recently highlighted. You can ask the questions and hold your super fund to account in a couple of clicks via The Vital Few

There's also a handy website where you can see how your own super fund stacks up. Here in Australia there are two major funds who are really on the ball with sustainable investing and achieve AAA ratings - Local Government Super and Vic Super and there are several with AA ratings. There's also the smaller boutique fund Australian Ethical Super which takes an even more proactive approach to investing in a low carbon future. 

In the same way as the campaigns to reduce investments in tobacco and apartheid South African bore fruit, the movement to divest from fossil fuels has rapidly been gaining ground. Maybe it's time to have a think about whether our super is helping or hindering our future ?

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